Top 7 Tips for Hiking in The Highlands

Hiker hiking up a hill in the Highlands

Hiking in the Highlands is more than just about getting out in nature. Sure, roaming the hills and peaks of the Highlands is an activity that will expose you to experiences and sights that’ll stay with you for a lifetime as you gaze upon the beauty of the Scottish landscape. But hiking also offers multiple […]

Does The Loch Ness Monster Exist?

The mystery of the Loch Ness Monster is something that has been confusing scientists, locals, and religious icons for centuries. Nessie has been the subject of multiple movies, cartoons, and serious scientific studies over the year. And the fascination the world has for this mysterious monster doesn’t seem to be waning. But does this submerged […]

Highland Distilleries You HAVE to visit!

Pouring Whisky

With a staggering 98 active distilleries and over 20 million casks of delicious, slowly maturing whisky, Scotland truly is the ultimate destination for whisky lovers. The Highlands of Scotland are home to 47 distilleries producing Scotland’s greatest export for the thirsty masses! If you’re a whisky enthusiast, a distillery tour is a must-do activity when […]

Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photos Location

If you’re getting married soon, then you know just how important your wedding photos are. They’re not just pictures; they’re memories that will last a lifetime. They’ll be the way you look back and remember the magic of your big day. Of course, the people in the wedding photos are the most important part, but […]

Booking a Golf Break in the Highlands

What’s better than sipping on a glass of whisky? Pairing it with a golf break in the Highlands of Scotland, of course! Scotland is the ultimate destination for golfing enthusiasts, with its stunning landscapes, occasional pleasant weather, and rich history. And when it comes to golfing breaks, the Scottish Highlands take the cake! As the […]