Most Popular Wedding Dates for 2024

When it comes to tying the knot, choosing the perfect wedding date is a big decision. Recently, a study by has shed light on the most popular wedding dates for 2024, revealing trends that could influence your special day. Based on a survey of 2,300 UK adults planning to get married in 2024, here […]

The Average UK Wedding Cost in 2024

Planning a wedding involves many decisions, but perhaps none is as crucial as understanding the costs involved. At Prestige Chauffeur, we delve into the latest insights to help you navigate through budgeting your dream wedding effectively. Whether you’re preparing for an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our detailed breakdown ensures you stay informed every […]

Alternative Wedding Ideas for Modern Couples

More and more, weddings are becoming less conventional and alternative wedding ideas are being used to celebrate a couple’s love. From attire to venue choices, the wedding day is now a canvas for personal expression. Here, Prestige Chauffeur explores some of the most innovative and delightful alternative wedding ideas that will inspire couples to create […]

Comprehensive Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding

A summer wedding can be a beautiful occasion. The appeal of warmer weather and extended Highland daylight makes this season popular for many couples. Nonetheless, meticulous planning is crucial to guarantee a seamless celebration for you and your guests. From choosing the ideal venue to handling the details of outdoor events, here are Prestige Chauffeur’s […]

Crafting the Ultimate Wedding Day Schedule

Planning your wedding day schedule is like putting together a beautiful piece of music. Every part needs to work together perfectly for the day to be unforgettable. The key to this harmony? A detailed wedding day plan that guides everything smoothly. The Basics of a Wedding Day Plan A good wedding day schedule is like […]

Bridesmaid Duties: Your Go-To Guide

Welcome to your Bridesmaid Duties cheatsheet! You’ve landed the role of a lifetime—bridesmaid—and it’s not just about holding the bride’s dress while she pees. This guide is your secret weapon to navigating bridesmaid duties with panache, ensuring the wedding journey is as smooth as the icing on the wedding cake. Whether you’re a first-timer or […]

Budget-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Planning the perfect wedding doesn’t have to deplete your savings. With creativity, flexibility, and the right strategies, you can orchestrate a memorable celebration that reflects your love story whilst being budget-friendly. Below, we delve into comprehensive yet budget-friendly wedding ideas covering every aspect of your big day—from the venue and attire to decor and entertainment. […]

Why Valentine’s Day Is the Ultimate Proposal Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day! A time when Cupid’s arrows are flying left, right, and centre, hitting unsuspecting targets with the force of a thousand heart emojis. But let’s cut to the chase—have you ever thought about why this day, of all days, feels like the universe is conspiring to make us think of love, romance, and… […]

The Art Of The Engagement Announcement

Congratulations are in order! The moment has arrived, and you’re officially engaged. This monumental step in your life is not just a personal milestone; it’s a joyful announcement waiting to be shared with your world. But before you rush to shout it from the rooftops or turn to social media to broadcast the news. Let’s […]

Crafting an Eco-Friendly Wedding: Expert Tips

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, planning a wedding that harmonises style with sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessity. Embracing eco-friendly wedding practices doesn’t mean compromising on the elegance or joy of your special day. Instead, it opens the door to innovative, thoughtful, and genuinely heartwarming elements that enhance the […]